About The Metal Cell.

The Metal Cell Podcast sets out to promote the Irish Metal Scene by talking to the bands, promoters, artists and fans of this musical genre.
I hope to interview as many generations as possible involved in the Irish Metal community from those who create the music, design the artwork,
promote the gigs or simply fans of the music itself.It's one of the most exciting times ever to be a Metal fan in Ireland with so many home
grown and international metal bands touring our cities and releasing incredible music. This Podcast has become a solid link in communicating
our voices throughout the world wide Metal community. The bonds forged in the Metal Scene are strong, loyal and lasting. Friendships created
that traverse oceans and continents linking us to Europe, the America's, The Far East and even into the Eastern Block.Thank you all for listening
and for your support, Richie. #supportyourlocalmetalscene